Durandal 2.2.0 Release

Posted by EisenbergEffect on September 26, 2016

Today we're pleased to announce the release of Durandal 2.2.0. This release updates Durandal's Knockout dependency and fixes a number of bugs.

If you are currently using Durandal, we hope that you will consider updating to Aurelia in the near future. In fact, before Aurelia was given its name, it was referred to as "Durandal NextGen". Aurelia embraces the same principles as Durandal and even adopts the same screen activation lifecycle and basic conventions. However, Aurelia is many times faster, much more powerful and is designed for the modern web. If you love Durandal, you'll feel right at home with Aurelia.

As usual, you can read the detailed list of changes below.



  • Made full screen dialog margins customizable.
  • Update Knockout to 3.4.0

Bug Fixes

  • Fix Issue #542: SampleApp page-host overflow-y slow on Webkit
  • Fix Issue #541: Fail on logging activate promise
  • Fix Issue #545: navigation breaks after failing to load module
  • Fix Issue #547: Navbar collapse broken in starterkit
  • Fix Issue #552, #567: attach viewmodel lifecycle callback get improper query string, IE8
  • Fix Issue #563, #564, #565: Links to Bootstrap's site are outdated
  • Fix Issue #569, #575: composition.js issue in ie7
  • Fix Issue #574, #577, #578: Fixed some bugs in dialog.js and added customizability to full screen dialog margins
  • Fix Typo in durandal.d.ts
  • Fix Issue #605 Router deactivates current item when deactivated
  • Fix #625 Resolve the problem that empty URL parameters are rem
  • Fix #614 Add guard for importing empty views
  • Fix #622 Missing import in welcome view-model
  • Fix #654 Setter conflict with observable.defineProperty