Blue Spire Acquires Aurelia

Posted by EisenbergEffect on September 12, 2016

Today we're announcing that Blue Spire has acquired Aurelia from Durandal Inc. and that we're re-comitting ourselves to open source excellence.

When we started work on Aurelia, we decided to create a new company, Durandal Inc., to own and manage the framework, rather than run the project under Blue Spire. Durandal Inc. would also build various commercial products and services to augment Aurelia.


In general, the existence and purpose of Durandal Inc. was confusing for many people. After all, Blue Spire was the company that created and managed the DurandalJS framework. So, why was a separate company needed for the successor to DurandalJS? Furthermore, the responsibilities of the companies were divided in an odd way. For example, if you wanted Enterprise Support for DurandalJS, you would need to contact Blue Spire but if you wanted Enterprise Support for Aurelia, you would need to contact Durandal Inc. However, if you wanted consulting or training for Aurelia, you wouldn't contact Durandal Inc, but Blue Spire instead.

This was all completely unnecessary. Now everything is handled by Blue Spire.

Reduced Overhead

Running a business of any type always has some amount of overhead. In particular, there was quite a bit of overhead for Durandal Inc. This took up valuable time which could have been spent advancing the framework and tools. It also unnecessarily consumed money. By moving everything over to Blue Spire, we're able to cut more than 50% of the overhead associated with running the Aurelia project, both in terms of time and money.

Focus on Open Source

Durandal Inc. managed the open source, but also had commercial plans. Over the last year or so, internally, we've observed some negative effects of certain commercial plans upon the open source effort itself. We don't think that's a healthy situation to be in. So, as part of the acquisition, Blue Spire is pruning certain unnecessary commercial work and re-focusing the entire project on open source. We believe this will open up new opportunities which were previously stifled by commercial plans and that the community growth, collaboration and creativity will be exponentially enhanced.

What does it mean for the community?

Practically, you probably won't notice much difference right away. However, as we proceed, we believe the community will reap many benefits.

Aurelia has the same leadership and ultimate vision. You can still get consulting, training and support, as before. The core team is growing and we're planning new projects, features and tools. Nothing is slowing down. In fact, we believe the restructuring is going to create an acceleration of effort around initiatives important to the community. We're genuinely excited about what the future holds and looking forward to working even more hand-in-hand with our awesome team and community members as we move into the future.

About Blue Spire

Blue Spire has a ten year history in creating, managing and supporting open source frontend libraries, frameworks and tools. It is the creator of Caliburn, Caliburn.Micro and DurandalJS, which have been used to build many thousands of applications on every major platform as well as the web. Durandal Inc.'s CEO, Rob Eisenberg, is the President of Blue Spire and was the chief architect and project lead for all these frameworks. In fact, Aurelia was originally created by Blue Spire before it was transferred to Durandal Inc. for the commercial reasons listed above. So, in a very real sense, Aurelia is "returning home". To accompany this formal return, Blue Spire is purging all projects and goals not related to its frontend technologies so that the company can focus 100% on Aurelia and its future.