Aurelia Training Recordings

Posted by EisenbergEffect on August 10, 2016

Since we announced the Aurelia Virtual Training opportunity we've received tons of responses. The biggest request we've had is the community's desire to gain access to recordings of the trainings after the event. In response to this, we're going to make recordings of the training available to each ticket purchaser.

​After all three training segments have taken place, we'll provide the recordings to participants through an online service. Participants will receive access through the email they provided during the event signup survey. There are a couple of important details to note about the provided videos:

  • The videos will be mostly (if not entirely) un-edited versions of the workshops themselves.
  • The videos will be available online only through our selected video distribution service.
  • The videos are licensed for use only by the ticketed attendee. (In other words, you can't buy one ticket, then show the videos to your entire 20-person team.)

If scheduling concerns or lack of video access was holding you back, then hopefully there's no more reason not to sign up now . We hope this addresses the needs of the community better and provides further opportunities to those who are interested in learning.