Introducing the Aurelia HUB Beta!!!

Posted by EisenbergEffect on June 23, 2016

Yesterday we launched the Aurelia Release Candidate. Today we're taking the first step towards our vision for developer community and productivity.

![The Aurelia Hub Beta](/content/images/2016/06/Aurelia-HUB-Logo-1.png)

The HUB is a place where Aurelia developers will come to learn, research, interact and gain access to all they need to be successful while building applications on the Aurelia platform.

The Backstory

Some months ago, we started with our initial Docs implementation, written with Aurelia. We wanted to dogfood the framework publicly and get a humble start towards realizing our HUB vision. Since then we've been through a number of design phases and received a lot of feedback from the community, particularly around documentation. We've taken that into account and launched a new version of the docs, re-labeled as the Aurelia HUB Beta.

The Update

The new HUB is built using the Aurelia RC and the Aurelia CLI. In fact, we've been dogfooding the CLI ourselves for a number of weeks and we like the experience. It's enabled our Chief Design Officer to be more involved in the development process itself, which has resulted in a much improved UX.

The new HUB addresses several core issues in our long-term plan:

  • It restructures the UX so that we can grow the HUB beyond merely documentation and into a much richer, collaborative environment.
  • It re-architects the codebase for growth and further componentizes documentation and various navigation/shell structures.

The new HUB also addresses several community requests:

  • Full text search of all articles and APIs!
![Full Text Search](/content/images/2016/06/Search-2.png)
  • New article groupings to keep related articles together and enable us to author new tutorials and richer content.
  • New article navigation which exposes articles, article groups and article sections, improving exploration of content and simplifying deep linking.
![Improved Navigation](/content/images/2016/06/Nav-1.png)
  • A clean new look designed to improve readability.
![Clean New Look](/content/images/2016/06/New-Text-Layout-1.png)
  • Persona home pages designed to guide new visitors to the content they need.
  • A new "Edit" button on each article empowering our community to help improve the content by taking you directly to Github and setting up the PR for you.
![Easy Article Editing](/content/images/2016/06/Article-Heading---with-Edit-1.png)
  • Additional API details, expressing optional parameters and return descriptions.
![API Details](/content/images/2016/06/API-Sample-1.png)

The Future

While this release is a beta, and mostly deals with improving the docs, it's also a major stepping stone for us towards something we've had in our minds to do for a long time. There are still glitches and we've got a lot of work to do yet...but we've got some amazing plans and things are moving forward nicely. We can't share all the details just yet, but there are a couple obvious things you should expect to see showing up in the not-too-distant-future:

  • A HUB home screen that aggregates news and other meaningful information for our community.
  • A Plugins area where you can search, browse and learn about official and community plugins to Aurelia.

We hope you enjoy the new HUB and that it makes using and reading the docs more pleasant. Please bear with us as we work out a few of the remaining issues. We thought we should get it out to you earlier rather than later. If you haven't already, please subscribe to our newsletter and this blog so we can keep you informed as we move ahead with Aurelia and the HUB.

Thank you!

PS - There's still one more day left this week for news...