Aurelia at AngleBrackets Next Week

Posted by EisenbergEffect on April 11, 2016

Next week is the AngleBrackets conference in Orlando, FL. I'll be giving a one-day workshop and two talks.


Single Page Apps with Aurelia

Aurelia is a next generation open source JavaScript client framework for mobile, desktop and web. It's the most standards-compliant, highly performing and simplest technology of its kind today. In this course you'll have an opportunity to learn directly from Aurelia's architect and project lead, Rob Eisenberg. He'll teach you how to create modern web applications using an MVVM approach with Aurelia, including the following topics:

  • ES2015/TypeScript
  • Databinding
  • Templating
  • Custom HTML Elements
  • Custom HTML Atttributes
  • Dependency Injection
  • Routing
  • More...


Aurelia: Next Generation Web Apps

Do you want to see what the future of web development will be like? Are you looking for a simple framework or set of libraries that can help you build complex web or cross-platform apps?

If so, you’ll want to attend this session. We’ll introduce you to Aurelia, a new framework with a rich heritage stemming from Caliburn.Micro and DurandalJS. You’ll learn about the fundamental features of the framework, such as dependency injection, templating, databinding, and routing, while we build a simple application. You’ll leave with all the knowledge you need to get started building your own applications with Aurelia.

Web Components: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Web is undergoing a massive upgrade. You may have heard much about ECMAScript 2015 and the new language features of JavaScript, but have you heard about what's happening with the DOM? Have you heard about Web Components and how they propose to enable truly cross-library, reusable UI widgets through the extension of HTML? In this talk we'll look at the core Web Components specs and see examples of their usage. We'll find that it's not all roses though and we'll also dig deep into some of the new challenges and problems the current specifications may present us with.


If you are interested in registering for the event, you can head on over here . Be sure to use discount code EISENBERG to save money on your registration. The conference is almost here, so there's no time to waste. See you there!