Contact info, services and products offered by Blue Spire.


For inquiries about consulting, training, or otherwise, please contact us via info@bluespire.com .


Blue Spire offers a variety of services to help your business prosper in today's competitive landscape.


In addition to training, we offer development services. This can be anything from code-reviews of your UI architecture to project kick starts, mentoring and full solution build-outs. We'd love to work with you to understand the unique needs of your project and determine how best we can help you to succeed.


At Blue Spire, we specialize in UI architecture and engineering as well as full-stack development with .NET Core, Xaml and Node.js. We offer master classes on these subjects, tailored to developers working on these platforms. From time to time these classes are offered in various cities, but they can also be delivered internally to your organization.

Open Source

Many companies struggle with open source, for a variety of different reasons. They may not be sure how or what to adopt, for example. Or, they want to get involved, but don't really understand how to be successful in this space. This can include everything from Git and GitHub usage, to community management, development in the open and "open source etiquette". We've been on the open source journey for over 12 years and would love to help your organization move into this exciting area.

Open Source

Blue Spire is the creator of several open source frontend frameworks that are used by tens of thousands of companies throughout the world.


Aurelia is a next generation JavaScript client framework that leverages simple conventions to empower creativity. Built for modern browsers, it enables a forward-thinking, elegant approach to development.


Looking for a framework that supports legacy browsers? Check out DurandalJS . It's built on jQuery, Knockout and RequireJS and offers broad browser support for SPA app development.


A small, yet powerful framework designed for all Xaml platforms, Caliburn.Micro makes developing maintainable, extensible and testable applications a breeze.


In addition to our core services and open source work, we also build our own products.


RPGWithMe provides character sheets, campaign management, play-by-post and virtual tabletop technology for RPGs on tablets, desktops and the web.